Feed the Flock with Duck Donuts Catering

Keep your ducks in a row during your next meeting or event with Duck Donuts Catering. Prices vary. Ask your local Duck Donuts store about catering options today!


Donut Quackages: Warm, Delicious & Made to Cater!

Our Donut Quackages are guaranteed to keep the entire flock happy. Custom Quackages available, too!


Get Your Feet Wet

Serves 20-25 people.

Coffee and donuts are a match made in Duck heaven.

CHOICE OF: 2½ Dozen Donuts + 2 Buckets of Coffee OR 1 Medium Donut Hole Platter + 2 Buckets of Coffee

Hungry Duckling

Serves 40-50 people.

Keep all your ducks happy.

CHOICE OF: 5 Dozen Donuts OR 1 Large Donut Hole Platter + 1 Dozen Donuts
Big Flock

Serves 70-80 people.

Treat the whole flock to their favorite donuts.

CHOICE OF: 2 Dozen Donuts + 1 Large Donut Hole Platter OR 2 Large Donut Hole Platters
All Duck – NO Dinner

Serves 100 people.

You donut need dinner after feasting on this sweet spread.

CHOICE OF: 10 Dozen Donuts OR 2 Dozen Donuts + 2 Large Donut Hole Platters OR 2 Large Donut Hole Platters + 1 Medium Donut Hole Platter

Lone Ducks

Add more to your Duck Donuts Quackage with items from our a la carte menu. Also perfect for smaller gatherings!



Flock Favorites

  • ½ dozen (6 donuts)
  • Dozen (12 donuts)
  • Bucket (18 donuts)

Little Ducklings

  • Small Donut Hole Platter
    • 72 donut holes (serves 10-15)
  • Medium Donut Hole Platter
    • 120 donut holes (serves 20-25)
  • Large Donut Hole Platter
    • 192 donut holes (serves 35-40)

Signature Coffee & Drinks

  • Bucket of Coffee (serves 8-10)
  • Choose from Light House Blend, Riptide Roast, and Sunset Pier Decaf