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Our Customers Love Our Donuts!

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Feb 4
RT @MeaghanMooney1: So who wants to get me some @DuckDonuts for Valentine's Day? 😜 @greatdaywash
Feb 3
Just got a box of @DuckDonuts in the mail.. Best day ever 🍩
Feb 3
Feb 3
RT @MeaghanMooney1: Yes.....they're as good as they look!! @duckdonuts #godonuts 🍩😜 #madetoorder #duckdonuts
Feb 2
RT @DuckDonuts: NEW! Treat someone you love to our new Valentine's Assortment (while supplies last) #LoveIsSweet #YouHadMeAtDonuts https://…
Jan 31
Jan 31
I had my very first #DuckDonut tonight. Maple Glazed with Bacon Sprinkles. I'm hooked! @DuckDonuts #BaconDonuts 🍩☕️🍩
Jan 31
Saturday night research has its perks! What's feeding the college crowd? Soon on @TheTownDish @DuckDonuts
Jan 30
@MKinov Thank you for the delicious #DuckDonuts. #Thursday'sBreakfast @DuckDonuts
Jan 28
Last night in New York at Eventi Hotel representing OBX at the NC Tourist Event! #NCtoNYC #VisitNC #OBXRoots
Jan 27
Jan 26
This girl loves your #donuts !!!! @DuckDonuts
Jan 26
PSA: The Duck Donuts on Creedmoor opened today and they're amazing!!!! #duckyes @DuckDonuts
Jan 22
Stocked up on essentials. Bring it on! #Jonas @DuckDonuts #cville
Jan 22
Jan 21
Donut fanatic? @chrissie_beth has the lowdown on Charlotte's @duckdonuts.
Jan 18
Only reason I left the house today @DuckDonuts 🍩
Jan 11
RT @mr_mattstewart: A warm welcome back to work. Happy New Year! #duckdonuts
Dec 19
I've had three @DuckDonuts today, including two for dinner. That is all.
Dec 18
Happy 1st Birthday wishes to @DuckDonuts in #Cary! Their birthday dollar menu today is on point - go say hi & enjoy!
Dec 18
Thanks @cbs6 and @KristenLuehrs for the random act of kindness by buying everyone's donuts at @duckdonuts this AM!
Dec 18
First time getting #duckdonuts 😍🍩
Dec 17
I had @DuckDonuts for the first time today my taste buds have been glorified I'll be back #Awesome 🔥🔥
Dec 16
the evolution of trying a maple bacon donut from @DuckDonuts for the first time....
Dec 15
@cupcakegirlnc @DuckDonuts I can't believe I had never stopped there before. It was amazing.
Dec 13
RT @LitsaPappas: Good Sunday morning! First @DuckDonuts experience did not disappoint! 😋👌🏼🍩 #foodie #CLT #CLTeats
Dec 13
If you haven't eaten @DuckDonuts do yourself a favor. Bacon maple donuts are on point
Dec 9
Giving love to @piercewx1 for bringing the morning crew @DuckDonuts from a story he did in the OBX yesterday. Yum!
Dec 8
RT @BlueHenMorganR: HUGE thanks to @NortonHolly & @AshleyCarmenB for the sweet treats!!! Who doesn't love @DuckDonuts
Dec 8
The #UDSMA family and's a beautiful thing.
Dec 1
RT @Debb_Martins: Our friends from @DuckDonuts #duckdonutsnova came to @greatdaywash & brought the most delicious donuts!🍩😋
Nov 28
Yes that's #bacon on a #donut 🍩 Thank you @DuckDonuts
Nov 28
Best way to follow a huge family feast? A morning full of @DuckDonuts
Nov 28
This is how you do Saturday morning. #MapleBaconAllDay @DuckDonuts #CaryNC
Nov 18
The @DuckDonuts in Arlington opened!! Nice knowing you, wallet!
Nov 1
We at #BGRATED Liked: did somebody say D🍩NUTS?! #duckdonuts by caroline_trautmann on Instagram