Our Purpose

Keeping it simple!  We guarantee every customer a clean courteous, family friendly, fun and scrumptious experience.  This is our family serving your family and we want you to come back!


About Us

Just Russ

The inspiration behind those warm, delicious, made to order donuts…

For years my family and I visited the Outer Banks and enjoyed all of the amenities a quiet, family oriented vacation area could provide. After a series of vacations, it occurred to my family and me that something was missing. We realized that there were no fresh donuts to be found in the area.

What started out as a whim, a far-fetched idea, a fun project, about ten years ago, has turned into an exciting adventure. After months of investigation, recipe trials and some collaborative workings with local merchants, my partner at the time, Robin Griffith, and I developed the answer. Duck Donuts!!! When it comes to donuts, everyone knows that it’s true, there is nothing like a freshly made warm donut or two or three, along with a good piping hot cup of coffee.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged us over the years.  We are so grateful that you have made us a staple and tradition. We will never take you for granted. We will always strive to offer you a clean, courteous, fun, family friendly scrumptious experience when you visit our stores.

Our staff who manage and work in our stores make all the difference and we are very proud of them. Many of the key staff have been with us from our beginnings.

Please be assured that we will continue to try and find ways to build on our unique approach for your ultimate enjoyment.  Our fans tell us over and over that we are on the right track and while there may be other donuts out there, we feel we’ve found a pretty special combination.

Warm, delicious and made to order donuts along with premium roasted coffees.

Stop by one of our locations. We hope you will agree!

Russell A. DiGilio, Founder


Donut Make-up

Dozen Assorted Donuts2Caloric Information: Each donut contains approximately 210 calories.

Key Ingredients: Our vanilla cake donuts are fried in a soy based shortening and contain the following key ingredients:

  • Wheat and corn flour
  • soybean oil
  • nonfat dry milk
  • egg yolks
  • beta carotene.

Food Allergy Information:

Nut Allergies:

Chopped peanuts are a regular topping offering for our donuts. As such they are located on the topping tables and we cannot guarantee that they have not migrated during the topping process. If we are not extremely busy, we are willing to top a few donuts in our preparation area for you. This will lessen the chance that the peanuts have migrated into other toppings. However we cannot make guarantees to that regard.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100% that any ingredients we use are not manufactured in a facility free of tree nuts or any other class of nuts.

Other Food Allergies:

Our donuts contain wheat gluten, dry milk and egg yolks.