With more and more Duck Donuts locations opening across the country, we no longer offer Flash Frozen Donuts. Customers are now able to get our warm, delicious and made to order donuts in their local store. We can’t wait to see you! (Click Here to see a list of future Duck Donuts locations)

Duck Donuts offers many choices of coating and topping, put these together any way you wish and our options are abounding. You may visit our menu board for a list of our coatings and toppings.

The first Duck Donuts franchise opened in 2013 and is located in Williamsburg, VA

The first Duck Donuts opened in Kitty Hawk, NC in 2007 followed shortly after by Duck, NC.

Duck Donuts got its name from the family friendly, charming northern Outer Banks seaside town of Duck, NC.

We do not offer gluten free donuts. You may find additional nutritional information on our website at the "About" tab.

Because they are warm and freshly made to order -- Just for you!